The fifth edition of Texhibition Istanbul exceeds 25,000 visitors

by Modem – Posted March 26 2024

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Organised by the Istanbul Textile and Apparel Associations (ITKİB) in collaboration with the Istanbul Textile Exporters Association (İTHİB), the fifth edition of Texhibition Istanbul which took place at Istanbul Expo Center from March 06 to 08, 2024, records an increase in attendance of 26.5 percent to 25,752 visitors from 112 countries including EU, Great Britain, the United States, North America, Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Texhibition also showcased a 25.5% increase in exhibitor count as well as a 133% increase in exhibition space.

The event highlighted a wide range of products, distributed across five pavilions, from fabrics to knitwear, accessories, and artificial leather. Among the innovations introduced by Texhibition Istanbul is the 'BlueBlackDenim' pavilion dedicated to denim manufacturing and distribution companies. Inside the Innovation Hub, directed by Arzu Karpol and Filiz Tunca, have presented some innovative projects, developed on the relationship between man and the environment, focusing on the latest developments in the world of fabrics organic, sustainable, recycled, and eco-friendly.

“We have brought together the best companies in the country at Texhibition, with a further 200 companies already on the waiting list. The fair is internationally competitive and well on its way to becoming the new center of global textile events,” said Fatih Bilici, ITHIB vice president and Texhibition Istanbul chairman.

Exports are the focus of the Turkish textile and clothing industry. The Turkish textile and clothing sector is expected to reach a total export value of 28.5 billion dollars (approximately 26.21 billion euros) in 2023. With annual exports of 12 billion dollars, the Turkish textile sector ranks fifth among global textile exporters and is the second largest supplier to the EU.

“The competitiveness of the Turkish garment industry is currently weakened by rising labor costs, but we are nevertheless seeing an upward trend in exports. The industry is optimistic and continues to focus on innovation, diversification, and adaptability to strengthen its position in the global market,” commented Ahmet Öksüz, chairman of the board of ITHIB.