Prominent Themes of the 2024-2025 Season and High Quality and Good Quality Environmental Friendly Fabrics on the Agenda in the Trend Seminar

A seminar on "Artificial intelligence and ecological responsibility" was given by Pascaline Wilhelm from PWNEW at the Texhibition Istanbul fair.

In her presentation, Pascaline Wilhelm talked about the trends and fabrics that will stand out in the 2024-2025 season. Giving information about the potential of artificial intelligence and its use in the textile field, Wilhelm reminded us of our ecological responsibility to the environment, climate, recycling and the world. Stating that textile is one of the industries that pollute the environment the most, Wilhelm emphasized that environmentally responsible production should be the ultimate goal in this regard.

Explaining the titles of the prominent themes of the 24-25 season, Wilhelm explained six different themes named "structure", "assemble", "flexible", "trouble", "reduce" and "radiant". Fabrics are the prominent actors in the themes where products that pollute the environment less at lower costs are at the forefront. Stating that one of the main objectives is to use fewer additives without sacrificing quality, Wilhelm stated that this season, more voluminous and bulging fabrics will be used in clothes, there will be messy loops, and submersible, fluid and high-quality fabrics will come to the fore.