Future Trends Set at Texhibition Istanbul

Texhibition Istanbul, a hub of diverse events, featured a trend seminar conducted by WGSN, highlighting the fabric trends for women's and men's clothing in 2024-2025. The seminar unveiled a tapestry of fashion where technological imagination intertwines with environmental consciousness and societal interactions, painting a vivid picture of the future.

Texhibition Istanbul fair hosted an exclusive seminar unveiling the highly anticipated fabric trends for autumn/winter 2024-2025 in women's and men's clothing. Renowned industry expert, Greer Hughes, Senior Director at WGSN, took the stage and captivated attendees with her insights. The seminar generated significant interest among fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. Delving into the future, three key themes emerged as the driving forces behind the autumn/winter 2024-2025 trends.

Expanded Imagination

Under the theme of "Expanded Imagination," the seminar explored the profound impact of technological advancements and boundless creativity. Artificial intelligence was revealed as a catalyst, shaping the direction of fashion trends. Futuristic and fluid forms, alongside transformative surfaces and materials responsive to various stimuli, promised to make a significant impression. The influence of the metaverse on the world of fashion, combined with symmetrical and digital imagery, added a mesmerizing dimension to the trends.

Terrains of the Future

Under the theme of "Terrains of the Future," the focus is on the synergy between industry and the environment, as they dance in perfect harmony. In a world where resources are dwindling, textile products that have deep roots in nature, crafted from biosynthetic alternatives, and inspired by celestial wonders will take center stage. This visionary approach, drawing inspiration from diverse planets, signifies a shift towards regenerative products becoming viable alternatives across all industries. Within the textile sector, these endeavors are evaluated within the realm of sustainability, paving the way for a future where the fusion of innovation and eco-consciousness flourishes.


The third theme, "Interactions" draws inspiration from societal and political movements, where the energy of political crises and activism intertwines with the influences of craftsmanship. This convergence signifies that the exploration of cyclical processes will manifest in textiles, offering a glimpse into the discovery of new dimensions. In this era, as brands strive to activate a sense of empathy, individuality and strong connections hold significant importance. The development of products draws nourishment from the past, myths, and spiritual themes, weaving a tapestry of narratives. It is expressed that the weight of recycling and repair-based products, such as patchwork, will amplify, symbolizing a renewed focus on sustainability and mindful consumption.