The most noble and classic fabrics of our wardrobe are almost reborn in the 2024-2025 fall/winter season by being equipped with different tasks.

Cansu Bodur, IMA Fashion Design Programs Team Leader 

Elif Şengüler, Head of IMA Library and Learning Resources

Positive Interaction

Patterns, embroidery, and surfaces designed in the pursuit of originality and creativity enrich our wardrobe. Keeping the material in its focus, repairing, or revealing our creative energy by re-evaluating, this mode brings purpose again to unprocessed raw-looking qualities, creating melange, burnt, and gradient qualities. In this journey, which maintains the energy saving process, transitional surfaces made of a color palette inspired by nature, handcrafted thick sewing effects and the aesthetics of compressed surfaces are felt. With the effect of the theme, breathable, light, and airy fabrics that move with their natural flow from our body are seen. Large loops, velvets, mélange and untied fringes bring tactility to the fore, while supporting forms that create volume with a reference from nature.

Creative Dimension

The contemporary harmony of formal and casual is captured by the unexpected and creative collision of materials. It is seen with light but bulky fabrics, colorful wools, airy, filled, bonded fabrics with plush effects. Jacquard patterns consisting of round forms accompany fluffy fabrics while dense and exaggerated curls composed of transitional colors with their optimistic energy support the key pieces of the season as ideal materials for capturing three-dimensional forms. Dense spongy, matted textures absorb color and create a contrast with playful quilts and eye-pleasing matte powder colors, wet or even sticky glosses. Furry and looped effects for a deeper dimension, large-scale jacquards with bright vibrant colors and fun interlacings, playful graphics on a black background are among the indispensable looks of the theme. In addition, recycled polyamide in waterproof grades exhibits a protective technical approach. Smooth yet slippery super biosynthetics creates a tactile feel. Filled synthetics, small dobby thin slippers, pile, powder pastel-toned stamps, leather-like glosses, iridescent colored mohair and hairy wools, shiny slippery brushed qualities draw attention on knitted surfaces.

Functional World

Different approaches are envisaged in materials used in performance areas and in mild weather, where functionality comes to the fore. In addition to plain and classical qualities, pure wools, silks, mohair, waxed and coated fabrics, cotton velvets as well as technology tools that are on the rise with new investments, environmentally friendly, repurposed, organically grown, bio-featured fibers against synthetics that harm the planet will continue to increase. In addition to metallic fabrics and hard touches, wrinkled and compressed surfaces support the apocalyptic mode. There are irregular jacquards with a dystopian feel to the surface with furry surfaces with big curls, orange-toned wools, lightly shining fabrics with rusty dirty looks. Knitted grades of alpaca and wool, felted fuzzy undyed and recycled materials are accompanied by fine wool with a soft touch, silk or wool and viscose blends with bronze and lead metallics.

Depth of Elegance

Black, the strong pioneer of couture elegance, appears right at the center of the stage, celebrates the season with majestic elegance with dramatic details. With an attitude that refuses to go unnoticed, the glosses discreetly diffused into the depths of black, supporting gothic and tailor-made suit cuts, elegantly represent modernity. Velvety feel, slippery and shiny surfaces and sharp synthetics, as well as cleverly designed full lace and embossed surfaces meet in a modern look. Monochrome jacquards display a range of fabrics with shimmering textures in their embossments, elegant pile fabrics and patterns of tiny delicate dots. Silk, satin or polyamide chenilles form the basis of plush and velvets. The sparkle of jewels in black and white with fine hairy faces like Moher accompanies a magical night. Flowing satin, sequins, beads, accents created by brushed surfaces, classical suiting fabrics are blended, flowing, and come to the fore again with technical performance effects. While rediscovering woolen fabrics, we are not afraid of mixing them with vegetable or artificial fibers for stylish or technical purposes. We create a dark atmosphere on embossed, veined, structured and sometimes rough surfaces with patterns that smear and intertwine with each other.