“TRENDS CREATIVE HUB” Area Becomes a Trend Guide for Visitor

Texhibition Fair presented the 2024-2025 autumn/winter season fabric, accessory and yarn innovations to the attention of participants and visitors in a brand new area called Trends Creative Hub.

The informative Trend Guide prepared by Texhibition Fair Creative Director İdil Tarzi contributed to the industry as a guide that integrates textile raw materials with global themes and fashionable colors. In a process where global climate changes bring about social and industrial awareness for a clean and sustainable future, environmentally friendly approaches to textile production have become an inevitable necessity.

In this context, Texhibition Trends Creative Hub inspired with different stories in which sustainability came to the fore. While "Reconceptual Beaute", one of the trend area themes, brings a new perspective to technological and creative thinking in fabric development, "Mindful Escapes" embraces comfortable and environmentally friendly textile innovations that will boost people's energy by escaping from the fast life. “Serenity” emphasizes serenity in textiles, richness in terms of natural and organic, silk, cotton, wool and their combinations. “Eco Revolution” is seen as an approach to ecologically conscious practices while “Lumino Noctris” embraces shimmering looks, adding luxury and glamor, with metallic shine ranging from subtle to bold sparkles. “Digital Uprise” brings excitement for the most efficient use of digital technologies, functionality and textures. It fills the gap between smart textiles and traditional textiles and modern technologies. “Environmental Actisim” contributes to the climate crisis with energy consumption, resource use and gas emissions. “Vanguard Movement” represents pioneering movements in the field of fashion and design.

In the autumn/winter season, vegan, recycled, environmentally friendly and biodegradable qualities make their mark in all raw materials. Eco vero, lyocell, tencel, modal and cupro are on the rise in all areas of textile. Adaptability of wool, alpaca and cashmere to mid-season and seasonal temperature brings countless innovations with its linen and cotton blends. Floral, geometric and surrealistic patterns and 3D prints are making a significant breakthrough. Directions in fashion trends aim and inspire a livable world for future generations.