In recent years, climate change, global warming, and sustainability have started to take place on the main agenda of the whole world. While the new regulations are closely related to all units from production to export, efforts have been accelerated in Turkey to adapt to the new era, to improve production conditions, and to leave a more livable world to future generations.

“Clean Production & Clean Water Practices Workshop on the Axis of Green Transformation of the Textile Industry” was held in cooperation with İTHİB and TTTSD. In addition to the representatives of the Ministry, academicians, consultants and sector companies took part in the workshop. Many countries, especially European countries, are taking steps one after the other to ensure sustainability and introducing new regulations. In this context, İTHİB President Ahmet Öksüz made a speech at the workshop organized in cooperation with Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters Association (İTHİB), which has carried out many studies in the past years, and Turkey Textile Finishing Industrialists Association (TTTSD).

Öksüz said: “As the textile industry, we realize an annual production of 49 billion dollars and an export of 13 billion dollars. We are the fifth-largest supplier in the world and the second-largest supplier in the EU. While Turkey's general export is only 1% of the world's exports, our textile industry has a 3.5% share. Our goal is to be one of the top three exporting countries in the world. For this, we should increase our exports by 3 billion dollars more and focus on value-added exports.” Noting that it is actually quite easy to reach these goals, Öksüz continued his words as follows: “We are a country that makes integrated production from fiber to dyehouses and from yarn to final product. We produce in accordance with the EU norms. We are far ahead of our competitors in the journey of sustainability and green transformation.”