Texhibition İstanbul’s Trend Areas Inspire The Industry: Sustainability, Green Transformation, Innovation, And Creativity

The Texhibition Fair trend area was created by integrating the prominent qualities and creative themes of the yarn, fabric and accessory products of the exhibiting companies. The areas designed by Creative Director of Texhibition Fair, İdil Tarzi served as a valuable guide for the product groups that the exhibitors would research, with theme stories that will affect the next season and an inspiring architectural concept.

Noting that with spring/summer-25 season trends, the priority is emphasizing the need for a sustainable and environment-sensitive world, Tarzi said: “Therefore, textile and fashion industries in our country took steps to develop and change their production chains. We grouped the products of the exhibitors as luxury fibers, recycled plants and recycled synthetics. This grouping enabled the exhibitors to conduct research on their areas of interest by using time correctly. Themes shed light on the new season, starting from Quiet Luxury, Veganism and Athleisure. Quiet Luxury with Talented Mr. Ripley is a minimalist approach of grace, quality, and sophistication. Refined foundations of high-quality products stand out for niche brands that emphasize uniqueness and craftsmanship while paving the way to new-age minimalism. Wool, cotton, linen, cashmere and precious mixtures; picturesque villas overlooking calm, blue seas are ideal for beach and resort summer wardrobes. Vegan Forest represents products containing plants that absorb carbon dioxide, provide nutrients to people and animals, regulate the water cycle to ensure the environmental improvement we need to sustain life on earth. Many plants, fruits, and seeds are being rediscovered or used in efforts to heal the planet. Plant-based post-consumer mixtures, livaeco viscose, recycled cotton, lotus, bamboo, coffee beans, modal and vegetable leathers are the primary qualities of the season. Athleisure represents a comfortable hybrid lifestyle that can be worn for both sports and in daily life. This is the approach that takes the fashion world by storm. In the new season, where lifestyles will increasingly turn towards comfort, athletic clothing is assertive with its versatile clothes. Recycled polyamide, nylon, polyester, spandex, aromatherapy coatings collect attention with their moisture absorbing properties and in the scope of developments for water repellence and solubility in nature. In the trend area, a three-dimensional duck designed to emphasize future developments and transformations enabled visitors to experience a virtual environment under the impact of “Extended Reality” by scanning the barcode with their mobile phones.”

Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub trend area in Texhibition Fair was created by Human Innovation Designer Arzu Kaprol. In this area formed to give space to innovation-centered projects creating the future of textiles, innovative works of exhibitor companies, innovation companies, technoparks, and international creative projects were exhibited. Noting that they emphasize inspiring and valuable projects take place in the area for building the future of Turkish textile industry, Kaprol said: “Therefore innovative projects in all areas such as fiber, material, technology, and innovation came together under coordination of Fabric Designer Filiz Tunca. We included almost 28 different

projects. We exhibited innovative projects such as textile material embedded with sensors that can capture your EKG when you touch the steering wheel, heated fabric of Iltema that we used with SUN Tekstil in the Antarctica project, and accessories made from bio-materials by our student Birce Avcu, who graduated from DOMUS. Fabrics that are visible and invisible under different lights, such as a dark room, and the protective clothing we cooperated with TÜBİTAK for the Antarctica project were among interesting projects. Since we are aware of the importance of tradition in building the future, we also included tradition in the field of innovation. In Hatay, we exhibited silk fabrics such as peace silk made without killing insects and fabrics unique to this geography developed under the coordination of the Sabancı Advanced Technical School for Girls. We tried to create inspiration sources for exhibition visitors with panels that have different contents.”

Blue&Black Texhibition

Denim companies that occupied a special area in the scope of Texhibition İstanbul Fair this year proved Türkiye’s strength in denims. The trend area at Blue&Black Texhibition section was prepared by ALLDENIMS Founders Gönül Altunışık and Selvi Yiğci. The denim dress that was created with waste fabrics of the denim producers in the exhibition and that present an example to sustainable fashion approach, became the most interesting work of the trend area. Altunışık and Yiğci created the trend area with Timeless Classics, Digital Dream, and Nostalgic Thrills themes.

Timeless Classics

Timeless pieces in the denim area take place in every era and every wardrobe. Such pieces that change surviving the test of time without compromising their “cool” appearance are reflected in many areas, from home accessories to clothing. Bearing the traces of cultural changes, timeless classics adapt to changing trends while preserving the identity of societies. Denim shirts and jackets, each with timeless stories, provide versatile elegance. While black color is considered a must for these pieces, medium and dark tone washes are seen together. Oversized jackets combining two-tone denim fabrics, skirts and trousers with a seamless look are among the dominant pieces of the theme.

Digital Dream

Fashion adapts to NFT technologies and artificial intelligence with digitalization. It is considered that in the future all brands will be active in this area. Designs in many areas from furniture to car design can be transformed to NFTs by getting transformed to the digital environment. In the denim fashion world of the digital era, limits of touches, methods, designs, and yarn are transcended. Artistic activities inspire this theme. The main purpose of the theme is to obtain three-dimensional images and reflect them on fabrics. This reflection is sometimes achieved by using patterns and sometimes by adding character to the fabric. While coatings, floral patterns and laser prints come to the fore this season, fabric details obtained by washing collect attention. Digitally distorted patterns, high-contrast washes, soft pastels, and denim with darker dystopian themes are seen.

Nostalgic Thrills

Denim that entered our lives as workmen’s outfit continue to stay alive by changing. Brands continue to underline nostalgia and invest in second-hand products. Nostalgic denim pieces provide a unique style while also used in home and office accessories. Denim paintings made from distressed pieces add a retro atmosphere to the setting and change the atmosphere with a rustic touch. Personalized innovations are blended with cheerful summer colors. Nostalgic details such as colorful stitches, hand workmanship, denim blocks, and paint chips are making a comeback with a retro style. While multi-color, abundant rips and patchwork attract attention, overalls and maxi skirts are the dominant pieces of the theme. Nostalgic denim is a perfect option for those looking for a bold and free style.