Texhibition Istanbul, The Exhibition That The Textile Industry Talks About

Texhibition Istanbul, which exhibits the power of Turkish textile to the world, is appreciated by companies. Continuing their preparations for the new season, the leaders of the industry have already reserved their seats for the new exhibition to be held between 6-8 March.

Osman Yıldız

Cotton Fabric

“Texhibition Istanbul has become a rival to international exhibitions”

It was a very good and very different exhibition. The general perception was that many buyers would come from Russia, but buyers from all European countries attended the exhibition. We hosted our customers from countries such as the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. I think the exhibition was quite successful this season. We attended last season as well, but I observe that the exhibition has skipped level this season. We attend many foreign exhibitions and we have witnessed that the number of visitors to foreign exhibitions has decreased recently. Texhibition Istanbul has now become a rival to foreign exhibitions, I think it is a successful organization at the level of Premiere Vision Fair. We held very important meetings here, I think we will start receiving orders.


Murat Ayvaz

Efes Fabric

“We see that the exhibition is developing more and more each season.”

The exhibition went very well. A lot of foreign customers visited the exhibition. I think it is a productive exhibition for both us and the Turkish economy. As a company, we received good feedback from our visitors during the exhibition. We will do our best to do better. There was a very different and nice customer potential. We met with buyers from many countries such as Russia, Arab countries, Kuwait, France, and Spain. We will do our best to turn our conversations here into sales. We have been participating in the Texhibition Exhibition since its first season and we see that the exhibition is improving each season. I think the organization is very successful and professional. As a company that also participates in international exhibitions, I see that Texhibition has surpassed many important international exhibitions. This crowd gives excitement to our industry.

Fırat Tatlı


“The exhibition largely met our expectations”

This season of Texhibition Exhibition was a little weaker compared to its previous seasons. Despite this, we believe that it was a productive exhibition. We expect the exhibition to create positive effects for all companies. Buyers came mainly from the Balkan countries, Russia and Arab countries. Participation on the continental European side was a little more limited. The exhibition largely met our expectations. As a company that participated in last year's Texhibition Exhibition, we found the organization very successful.

Mehdi Kerem Batmaz


“We think we will gain new customers”

The exhibition was busy and good for us. We saw the crowd and interest we expected, we hope we can turn these meetings into sales. We observed that there was intense participation from Eastern Bloc countries and Arab countries. We also had visitors from countries such as Germany and Italy. In addition, we can meet our own customers again at the exhibition. We think that we will gain new customers after the exhibition.

Tarık Karaman

Gayret Textile

“We think that the exhibition will contribute to the sector”

We are attending the Texhibition Exhibition for the fourth time. It is an exhibition that makes us happy every time. The intense participation in the exhibition, the number of foreign buyers coming and being able to come together with our own customers prove that the exhibition is on the right track. We think that this very successful exhibition will contribute to the sector. We met with buyers from countries such as Sweden, the Dominican Republic and Tanzania, as well as from the Balkan countries, Russia, Ukraine, Arab and African countries in our nearby geography. It makes us happy to meet new people at the exhibition. As a 47-year-old company, we offer special and technical product alternatives. Our wide variety allows the number of customers visiting our stand to increase. We also think that our meetings here will turn into sales.

Canan Yüksel Özcan


“The exhibition is quite intense in terms of variety”

The exhibition went well overall. The participation rate was high. As a company that has participated in all seasons of the exhibition, we can say that participation in this season was high. Buyers came mostly from Russia, Azerbaijan, Italy and England. The exhibition was very intense in terms of variety, there are products from many fields, from denim to knitting. Türkiye is a very important country in textile production. When we evaluate it from this perspective, we can say that the exhibition has significant contributions to the Turkish textile industry.

Mustafa Can

Can Tekstil

“We started to experience the intensity, which we have experienced at global exhibitions, at Texhibition”

According to our general impression, we see that the exhibition was above expectations. The participation in the exhibition was pretty high. All sectors are currently going through an economic downturn. The fact that there was such an interest in the Texhibition Exhibition during this period also gave us hope. We think it was a successful exhibition and we plan to expand this exhibition in global arena in the coming period. I think we can achieve our goals if we take firm steps on this path. We started to experience the same intensity, which we experienced at very important global exhibitions, at the Textile Exhibition. We had visitors from countries such as Poland, Russia, Spain and representatives of important brands.

Bengü Yanoğlu 


“The quality of buyers coming to the exhibition has increased”

We are pleased with the intensity at the exhibition. More foreign buyers came to the exhibition, which is a very good development. However, we expect the domestic market to also show interest in the exhibition. We contacted buyers from many countries such as Russia, Spain and England. We find the momentum of the exhibition, which was organized to attract foreign customers to Türkiye, to be quite successful. We observe that this season is even more successful than other seasons. We are planning to participate in the exhibition in the following seasons. We see that the quality of buyers coming to the exhibition has increased and more conscious buyers are attending the exhibition.

Uğur Yurdakul


“The exhibition brings the whole industry together under one roof”

We can say that the exhibition was a little quieter than previous seasons. But we still think that it is beneficial for our company to take part in this exhibition. As a company that participated in the previous seasons of the exhibition, we are very pleased that there is such an exhibition that brings together the entire textile industry in Türkiye under one roof. It is very useful to have all representatives of our industry here.

Murat Turan


“There was high participation from Eastern European countries”

We held important meetings with our national and international visitors. It was an eventful exhibition. We observed that there was intense participation from Eastern European countries. We contacted buyers from countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Greece, Bulgaria, Russia and Iran. Holding such an exhibition contributes to the sector in terms of marketing and shows that Türkiye is a hub point. We were very pleased with the organization of this exhibition, which provides significant advantages to our industry.