Seminars & Workshops Shedding light on the agenda of the industry

Texhibition İstanbul Fair shed light on the issues in the agenda of textile industry with its inclusive seminar program where experts contributed with giving speeches while it also attracted attention with the workshops.

On the first day of the exhibition, PWNEW Founder and Trend Consultant Pascaline Wilhelm organized her trend seminar titled “Fabric, textile, and color trends”. Human Innovation Designer and Innovation Hub Creative Director Arzu Kaprol and İnvamar Founder Merve Aydıner came together at seminar titled “IoT technologies”. Söktaş Tekstil CEO Muzaffer Kayhan presented detailed information on natural fiber production in seminar titled “Regenerative cotton”. ALLDENIMS Founders Blue Black Texhibition Creative Directors Gönül Altunışık and Selvi Yiğci organized a seminar on denim trends.

On the second day of the exhibition, Louis Dreyfus Türkiye Country Manager and Cotton Department Director Ahmet Saffet Alpan took place in the seminar titled “Place and future of cotton in textiles”. MYTH AI Founder Özgecan Üstgül gave seminar titled “Transformation of pattern design technology with artificial intelligence” while in seminar titled “Innovation of the future” Arzu Kaprol, Fabric Designer Filiz Tunca, and Emel Duran from Defne Apolion İpekçilik participated as speakers. In seminar titled “Women of denim” that was moderated by Bossa Strategy and Business Development Director Besim Özek, Özak Product Development and Procurement Director Dr. Aysun Acar Yüksek, Sezane Denim Consultant Anne Oudard and Bossa Sales Manager Burcu Dalaman Özek took place as speakers. USB Certification Strategy and Business Development Director Emre Metin gave a presentation titled “New trends and traceability in textile and recycling certifications”.

In the seminar titled “Future of denim” organized on the third day of the exhibition, Orta Anadolu Marketing and Sustainability Director Sebla Önder, Kipaş Business Development Director Ezgi Atıl, Lenzing Global Business Development Department Director Tuncay Kılıçkan, True Design Founder Egemen Harmancıoğlu, Erak Denim Design Manager Vildan Altun, and İnovatif Denim Thinker and Executer Aylin Çetinkaya took place as speakers. Bilgibiz Software Director and Physics Engineer Fatih Canbolat gave his presentation titled “The new fiber graphene”.

Ministry of Culture, Marbling Artist and Biz Ebru Evi Founder Ayşen Avcı Çavdar organized a workshop titled “Marbling, art, and indigo” while Ilmare Founder and Chief Designer Melek Deniz Altay collected attention of visitors with her workshop titled “Wearable art”.