Participants Left the Fair Satisfied

Companies that attended the Texhibition Istanbul Fabric, Yarn, and Textile Accessories Fair, held from 8th to 10th March, expressed their satisfaction with the visitor profile. The positive feedback from participants highlights their enthusiasm for future events and their commitment to showcasing their best offerings.

Leading companies in the Turkish textile sector, who participated in Texhibition Istanbul Fair, which is already the largest textile fair in Turkey despite being in its third edition, expressed their enthusiasm for the upcoming fair, which will take place on September 13-15, with their positive feedback.

"We are considering participating next year."

Gamateks, which participated in the Texhibition Istanbul Fair for the first time, expressed their satisfaction with the fair and stated their intention to participate next year. Taner Yoğunali, who represented the company, said, "We had customers from both the domestic market and abroad. We had buyers primarily from Russia, as well as from European countries and the United Kingdom. We participated in the Texhibition Istanbul Fair with fabrics from our new collection. I believe that the discussions we had here will result in long-term sales."

"We believe in the power of trade shows."

Tolga Keskin from Söktaş, who expressed his belief in the power of trade shows and the continuous improvement of Texhibition Istanbul Fair, added, "Visitors showed great interest in the fair, and the participation was quite high. We had many guests from Russia, and there were also many buyers from the domestic market. There was participation from the Arabian Peninsula, the former Soviet countries, and Turkic Republics. As Söktaş, we participate in trade shows all over the world and believe in the power of trade shows. We believe that when we attract major buyers from Europe and the Far East to this fair, it will become even more effective. We also anticipate that the discussions during the fair will turn into orders later on."

"A beneficial fair"

Demet Yegen from Yünsa, another company participating in the fair, mentioned that the fair was relatively calmer compared to previous editions. She pointed out that the occurrence of international fairs and the earthquake disaster in the country might have affected the expectations. Demet Yegen said, "Most of our visitors were companies operating in the domestic market. We can also cater to customers from the Middle East and Russia, among others. We had customers from countries such as Portugal and Bulgaria as well. Collaborations are initiated during trade show discussions. Therefore, we believe that trade shows are beneficial. We think that promoting Texhibition Fair more in both domestic and international markets would be beneficial, thus increasing its contributions to the Turkish textile sector."

"Establishing deeper roots every day"

Oktay Gönültaş from Elissa Tekstil, stating that the Texhibition Istanbul Fair is establishing itself more firmly day by day, said, "Compared to the previous fair where we had one hall, our fair this season spread to three halls and was more crowded than we expected. The number of participants was higher compared to the first fairs, and the organization was better. We noticed that many shortcomings were addressed in this fair. Among the visitors to our booth, we even had buyers from Venezuela. There were also attendees from Germany, Denmark, Iran, and Middle Eastern countries, with Russia being prominent. I believe that Texhibition Istanbul will improve further in the future and maintain its upward momentum."