How Texhibition Exhibitors Evaluated the Fair?


Barış Mert

“Sustainability-focused product collected significant attention of visitors”

“As Korteks we execute all works of our group with sustainability focus in the framework of the Smart Life 2030 strategy of our group. While producing high-quality products we apply sustainability principles as the most vital element of our work without compromise. We mainly exhibited our most innovative products at Texhibition İstanbul Fair. Products that we produce by focusing on sustainability and exhibit in the exhibition collected significant attention of visitors. We became one of the most visited stands of the exhibition. I would also like to add that I value this exhibition highly because it brings together companies with global brands, turning into an export-focused activity where production, quality, trends, sustainability and design are at the forefront.


Arta Tekstil

Tamer Nalbant

“We regard highly of the exhibition to keep our relations with brands alive”

We regard all exhibitions highly for our industry. This year we exhibited in Texhibition İstanbul for the fourth time. We regard highly of the exhibition to keep our relations with our cooperating brands alive. Here we found the opportunity to establish new connections. Having qualified visitors especially from Spain, England, Holland, Ukraine, Romania, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, and Egypt in the exhibition was important. Increasing number of visitors to the exhibition contribute to us. This year we highlighted our specially blended, high-durability camouflage products, which are especially demanded by the defense industry. Among the products in accordance with NATO standards that we offer, we also exhibited our special IRR coating and printed fabrics that prevent visibility at night. In addition, fabrics used for casual wear in the field of fashion, knitted fabrics, fabrics for upper segment use and non-denim fabrics were also presented to industry stakeholders at our stand.


Mert Metin

Merih Düğme

“It is amazing that such an exhibition is organized in İstanbul”

Compared to the exhibition we exhibited in France last month, I can say that Texhibition Fair went much better. There was a high number of visitors especially in the first day of the exhibition. We had many visitors from Russia together with Balkan and Middle East countries. On the second day of the exhibition we mostly had meetings with our local visitors. This season of the exhibition was close to the average compared to previous seasons. We can say the main reason for this is the stagnation in global economy. We work very hard as the industry just like our competitors, however the said stagnation is a reason beyond our help. It is amazing that such an exhibition is organized in İstanbul. We do not always have the opportunity to meet with our regular customers in the industry. This became the meeting point of the domestic market for us. We believe that by taking place in this exhibition we can have the opportunity to present ourself in the global arena.



Besim Özek

“We do our best to organize an international denim exhibition”

The exhibition went quite enjoyable, we are pleased. This season, we prepared the denim area with a different concept for the first time. We are doing our best to organize an international denim exhibition after a few seasons. I am one of the opinion leaders of the denim area. I think a very nice concept was offered. Of course, there were a few problems, but these will be smoothed out in the coming seasons. We also remember the beginning of the biggest exhibitions of the denim industry, they also followed the same path. They developed over time and have now become the world’s largest center of attraction. When we consider Turkish denim today, we see that we dominate the entire value chain from beginning to end. Therefore, such an exhibition suits Istanbul. Therefore, we will do our best with all our industry stakeholders. There are 18 denim companies in Türkiye. Most of these companies exhibited in the exhibition. However, if we want to organize a globally competitive exhibition, we need to target good international companies to exhibit.


Betül Demirci

Çalık Denim

“Having a special space for denim is very important”

We think that having a special area for the denim industry is very important. Because denim has different dynamics. This was an efficient exhibition for us. I believe having a higher number of exhibitors in the denim area would be helpful. Therefore we can have higher number of visitors from the EU countries. We mainly had visitors from the Turkic Republics. Our experience with the exhibition went beyond our expectations. Textile has a significant place in Türkiye. We, as premium denim producers are especially very active. Therefore we find it very important that such an exhibition is organized in İstanbul.



Muhammet Hanbaba

“Texhibition İstanbul became a nicer exhibition every day”

The exhibition went quite well. There was a high number of visitors and we attracted much attention. We connected with mostly foreign customers. Because we had visitors from different countries such as Algeria, Saudi Arabia, France, Belarus, and Bangladesh, we had different potentials. We took place in the exhibition with our product that appeal to the buyer audience. Texhibition İstanbul became a nicer exhibition every day. We believe that our meetings here will

turn into sales. We gave price offers to many customers with high potentials. Having such large organizations in other countries was a raw nerve for us as Türkiye is a very significant country in the textile industry Türkiye. Therefore we are very pleased that Texhibition is organized in İstanbul.


Karabulut Tekstil

Ayşegül İsenlik

“This was the busiest season in terms of foreign customers”

It was a busy exhibition that was dominated by foreign visitors. We contacted with buyers from countries such as Lebanon, North Macedonia, Iran, Mexica, and Russia. We can say that our expectations were met. People started to say that Texhibition Fair is now better and more crowded than Premiere Vision Exhibition. We believe that important foreign brands must also take place in this exhibition. As a company that has exhibited at Texhibition for three seasons, we can say that this was the most intense season for customers. Because this was the most intense season in terms of foreign customers. We are also pleased with the organization. Meetings here can turn into orders. Our expectation is to increase our exports thanks to the meetings we had with foreign customers. İstanbul is a locomotive city for such an exhibition. I believe this nice activity turned into a must-have for İstanbul.


Naz Örme Kumaş

Uğur Yurdakul

“We had efficient meetings”

We had a very good and successful exhibition for our company. We had efficient meetings. We exhibited in all previous seasons of Texhibition Istanbul as well. I can say that there was an equal level of interest compared to the previous season. We mostly had visitors from Iran, Russia, Egypt, and various Middle Eastern countries. We had many meetings throughout the exhibition. Therefore, we gain new customers, meet new people, and looking forward, we think we have the opportunity to receive new orders. We find organization of such a large-scale exhibition in Istanbul very meaningful for the textile industry.


Birsen Ergün

Saka Holding

“The exhibition makes positive contributions to our industry”

Texhibition Istanbul exhibition was very good from our perspective. We met with buyers from many countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, and Pakistan. We think that the meetings we had throughout the exhibition will lead to good results for the coming periods. The exhibition makes positive contributions for our company. We can gain many new customers. We consider exhibiting in the coming seasons as well. Organization of such an exhibition in Istanbul is very important not just for the textile industry, but also for our country. This leads to thousands of visitors to our country. I think that the exhibition must