Denim Companies Are Ready to Exhibit Their Products at Texhibition Istanbul

Texhibition Istanbul, which has become an Inclusive Fair for Turkish Denim Companies, which have an Important Place in the World, not only shows the Production and Design Power of the Turkish Textile Industry to the World, but also has an Impact on the Decision-Making Processes of Professional Visitors as a Fair that Responds to All Needs.

Turkey is the one of the world's largest denim clothing players, strengthens its position in the global market by bringing together leading companies and buyers at the fair. With annual denim clothing exports of 1.8 billion dollars, Turkey has been one of the world's major denim clothing and fabric producer countries for many years. The EU country to which Turkey exports the most denim clothing is Germany, followed by countries such as Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Italy and Sweden. Turkey ranks 10th among the countries to which the USA exports the most denim. Texhibition Istanbul, which opens its doors to visitors from more than 100 countries, will be the meeting point of these countries.